Digital Crowns

Using the world’s most cutting-edge CAD/CAM technology (Cerec by Sirona, Germany), it is possible to 3D scan the teeth, without applying inconvenient and unpleasant impression materials, and fabricate reinforced ceramic crowns and bridges – on teeth or implants, on the same day – in a single visit!

It is also possible to avoid complex and expansive  treatments by restoring only the ruined part of a damaged tooth with a Ceramic restoration, thus avoiding the need for root canal treatment and a core buildup.

Furthermore, high-level aesthetic and precise results can be achieved using the state-of-the-art materials of the dentistry world.



Damaged tooth restoration using Cerec




3D computerised  model of a damaged tooth – achieved without the need for impression materials in the mouth

אחרי - תכנון ממוחשב של הכותרת החדשה מחרסינה


Perfect fit of ceramic restoration – and on the same day, instead of 3 or 4 appointments using the usual practices

One-day damaged teeth reconstruction, using Cerec


לפני - שן שבורה


A broken Tooth – the usual treatment plan would have been a root canal treatment, core buildup and an orthodontic movement of the teeth.

אחרי - התאמה מושלמת של כתר חרסינה על השן השבורה ושחזור מרוכב גדול בשן ליד - באותו יום


 A perfect fit of a reinforced ceramic crown on the broken tooth on the same day(!) – avoiding the need for complex treatments


Reconstruction of existing malpositioned implant using Cerec system


1לפני - טיפול אורתודונטי עם כתר לקוי באזור קדמי_1

an aesthetic failure of crowns on an implant

2 לאחר ניקוי לפני החלפת השחזור_1

after cleaning, an unnatural appearance of the teeth

A new, naturally designed crown divided into two units – compensation for problematic implant position

Cerec system video overview – Press here to play